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As of February 1, 2019 the Scouts BSA program announced any girl between the ages of 11 to 17 is now eligible to become a Scout in the Scouts BSA organization.



Troop 888 has already established a solid cadre of adult volunteers and a new female Scoutmaster for our new girl troop.  Come by and visit us to learn what the girls are planning for their 'girl-led' Scouting schedule. 

  • Is there a new name for Scouting now that there will be girls?
    YES. Scouts BSA. As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible. That is why we’re proud to announce that Scouts BSA is the new name for the Boy Scout program. Scouts BSA perfectly represents the new, inclusive program for older Scouts that the Boy Scouts of America is proud to offer. The name change will be effective in February 2019, when Scouts BSA will begin welcoming girls and boys. Why Scouts BSA? Because it builds on the legacy of the Scout name. The Scout meetings, Scout camp, the Scout handbook, Scouts themselves - we have more than 108 years of heritage and tradition built on the Scout name. The organization name will continue to be ‘Boy Scouts of America.’ The BSA will continue to build the future of Scouting with Scouts BSA, as we deliver character and leadership and offer a path to the rank of Eagle Scout for boys and girls.
  • Will girls have different requirements or be in a different program?
    NO. The requirements and the program will be exactly the same for the boys and the girls, similar to the Cub Scout program. Girls will need to go through all the same requirements as boys to reach advancements and milestones in their Scouting careers and vice versa. The linked troop model we implement in Troop 888 will allow us to grow Scouting by adding lots of new youth to our programs while still giving them the same opportunity for leadership positions which are crucial to a Scout’s advancement.
  • Will there be mixed patrols of boy and girl scouts?
    NO. Boys and girls will be in completely different troops with their own respective patrol formations. To maintain the integrity of the current structure of Scouting, we allow these 'gender-led' troops the opportunity to grow and explore at the pace that is unique to their development.
  • Will the boy and girl linked troops of Troop 888 ever meet together?
    Sometimes. The opening and closing of our troop meetings are normally done together for the purposes of our flag ceremony and to make general troop announcements. The other components of the Scout meeting are then run in single-gender patrols and single-gender troops. In our meeting location, we have two different meeting spaces for both troops affording them a chance to conduct their own troop business without interfering with each other. The only other exception of when the two troops would meet is at a Court of Honor. A Court of Honor is a formal troop ceremony usually held several times a year (and intermittently upon conferment of Eagle Scout rank) where Scouts and their families come together to receive rank advancement, merit badges, and other awards. For your scheduling convenience we hold both our boy and girl troop meetings at the same time. This normally provides parents of both genders some free space on their calendar by holding one meeting in one location at one time.
  • Is the BSA changing the Eagle Scout requirements for girls joining Scouts BSA in 2019?
    NO. The Eagle Scout rank requirements are not changing.
  • Can troops, districts, or councils amend or adjust the requirements or process?"
    NO. Eagle Scout requirements are set by the National Council and cannot be adjusted by a a troop, district or council. In fact, the Eagle Scout rank is earned when it is approved by the National Council.
  • Will work completed while girls participated unofficially before the introduction of Scouts BSA count towards Eagle requirements?
    NO. To preserve the integrity of the Eagle Scout Award, all requirements must be conpleted while the individual is a registered member of Scouts BSA.
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