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Scouting notes that a Class B uniform consists of a unified Troop or other Scout BSA T-Shirt, Scout pants or shorts, and an optional scouting cap.  Even though this uniform is not as official looking as the Class A uniform, it still is required to be worn clean, tucked in, and worn with pride.  Announcements are usually made by the SM as to when Class Bs are appropriate in special circumstances.

Generally, a Class B Uniform is worn during troop campouts, summer camps, camporees or other troop events where we don't want to get our standard Class A uniform tops damaged or sullied when participating in an activity but still wish to look like a cohesive unit of Scouts.

Class Bs are acceptable for certain outdoor service projects, one-day hiking trips, one-day cycling trips, the Saturday of a weekend campout, summer camp days, camporee days, etc.   

PLEASE NOTE:  Class Bs are NEVER to be worn during our standard troop meetings, flag ceremonies, Court of Honor ceremonies or to/from campouts when Class As are the Scouting standard.

Our Troop Committee has designated that our official color for our Class B uniform t-shirts is BURGUNDY.

Even though you have the option on this website to possibly buy other colors; please be sure to choose BURGUNDY for your Scout!

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