Each year it is the responsibility of the Troop Committee to come together to propose a budget estimating the annual operating expenses for Troop 888.  We include many common and historically understood expenses in our proposals which are to fund our program and include line-item costs for equipment/supplies to keep the troop moving forward on occasion.  After all the proposals are hashed out, together as a committee, we identify with a cost per Scout to maintain our program commitment and make a financial decision for the amount of annual dues. 

Troop 888 Annual Dues for 2020 are the following:  $120 for the first scout and $100 for each additional scout in the same family.  Please submit payment with the registration form found on Page 3 of the letter found at the website link below.   Any checks can be made payable to Troop 888 but must be submitted to our Troop Treasurer.

AND, before our amazing schedule of events for the year begins to unfold, we also are going to need to ask for an updated set of medical forms all our Scouts for the new year.  Scouts BSA has changed the medical requirements this year requiring all new medical forms for everyone to participate in the Scouting program. 

NOTE:  When you are ready to submit your medical forms, we are asking the parents to please plan for some time to speak with one of our Troop Medical Coordinators at a future Troop meeting to Insure that our Troop has everything we need from you in the event of a medical emergency.  Please do not just send your Scout to a meeting with all of the required forms in hand.  We are also going to ask that you visit with our Membership Chairperson with the registration form to insure the troop has accurate information for our roster.

IMPORTANT: If you are an adult volunteer who regularly joins us outside of scheduled troop meetings, we will need an updated set of Medical Forms from you as well. 

For those families who may experience a hardship in our annual fees, Troop 888 offers scholarships to our Scouts to insure that they can continue to enjoying our program.  Please reach out to me for further information as to how to apply for this financial assistance.

All new Medical Forms and Annual Dues along with a new Registration Form for your Scout are due by February 19 and can be brought with you to any future meeting.   Thank you for your cooperation!